Back Pain - Kirkland

Lower Back Pain Kirkland


Plan a visit to Vibrant Health at your earliest convenience if you are struggling with lower back pain in the Kirkland, WA area. While an occasional slight backache is not a major cause of worry, continued and severe lower back pain can be crippling.

At our facility, we provide non-invasive solutions for lower back pain relief to Kirkland residents to make their daily life comfortable, hassle-free, enjoyable, and productive. We offer treatment for all kinds of lower back pain issues. Kirkland residents should come to us without any hesitation to get reprieve from:

  • Sacroiliac pain
  • Lumbago
  • Lumbar pain
  • SI joint pain
  • Sacrum pain
  • Sciatica

We can also relieve our Kirkland patients from lower back pain in pregnancy and herniated disc pain. No matter why you are experiencing lower back pain in the Kirkland area, call (425) 276-6640 to schedule a check up by our experts.

Sciatica Kirkland


We are known for providing truly effective chiropractic treatment for sciatica in the Kirkland area. Sciatica is characterized by lower back pain along with shooting pain in the buttocks and down one leg.

It is not advisable to attempt sciatica treatment at home. Kirkland residents who do this might end up aggravating the problem. It is best to rely on the sciatica therapy we offer to Kirkland patients for fast and a lasting end to the suffering.

Indeed, you will not regret your decision to come to us for sciatica pain relief in the Kirkland area. We can be counted upon for diligent and seamless solutions for:

  • Lumbar radiculopathy diagnosis
  • Acute sciatica nerve pain relief
  • Sciatica nerve damage repair
  • Chronic sciatica pain management
  • Sciatica nerve cure

Looking for the best treatment for sciatica in the Kirkland area? Visit Vibrant Health. Call (425) 276-6640 to set up an appointment.

Herniated Disc Kirkland


Our facility is also considered a leading place in the Kirkland area for treatment of a herniated disc. Also called a slipped, bulged, or ruptured disc, a herniated disc usually causes any Kirkland resident lower middle back pain. However, it is not uncommon for our Kirkland patients to suffer from herniated disc in the neck.

We have the knowledge, skills, experience, and resources to effectively treat all kinds of herniated disc problems for our Kirkland patients. Trust us for the finest possible:

  • Bulging disc treatment
  • Pinched nerve pain relief
  • Disc prolapse treatment
  • Slipped disc pain relief
  • Treatment for lumbar disc protrusion

Call Vibrant Health at (425) 276-6640 for details about herniated disc treatment for Kirkland area residents.