Arthritis Bellevue


Arthritis is not just a single disease, but rather an informal way of referencingjoint pain or joint disease.

In fact, there are greater than 100 types of arthritis and related conditions, and is the leading cause of disability in America.

As a holistic clinic, we specialize in a non-prescription holistic approach to managing the different types of arthritis in people of all ages, races and gender by providing high-quality medical and restorative care for the following types of arthritis in Bellevue:

  • Degenerative – also known as osteoarthritis
  • Inflammatory
  • Infectious
  • Metabolic

Our integrative medicine practitioners are physicians that focus on treating the whole body to achieve optimal health and vitality.

Call Vibrant Health to schedule a consultation and follow-on appointment to get an accurate diagnosis because arthritis is a commonly misunderstood disease.

Psoriatic Arthritis Bellevue


By definition, psoriatic arthritis is a form of rheumatoid arthritis affecting approximately 10 percent of people who have psoriasis, and can be potentially destructive to the joints of fingers and toes, as well as larger joints and the spine.

While the cause of psoriatic arthritis is unknown, genetics and environmental conditions are known to play a role.

We use complementary and alternative treatments, or integrative modalities that can help ease psoriatic arthritis symptoms. Our holistic approach may include a combined treatment plan involving:

  • Growth matrix therapy
  • PRP therapy
  • Stem cell treatment
  • Stress management
  • Lifestyle and dietary changes
  • Mind-body therapies
  • Certain dietary supplements
  • Smoking cessation

Our wellness team takes a holistic approach to treating psoriatic arthritis symptoms and pain, working to correct the underlying cause and developing a system to bring relief.

If you are suffering with chronic pain and joint swelling as a result of psoriatic arthritis in Bellevue, call our office to speak with a physician about creating a treatment plan unique to you.

Osteoarthritis Bellevue


Osteoarthritis, sometimes referred to as degenerative joint disease, occurs when the protective cartilage cushioning the ends of your bones wears down over time causing painful and swollen joints.

While osteoarthritis cannot be reversed, we can regrow the cartilage with regenerative medicine. As holistic physicians using complementary and alternative methods, we can reduce your pain, swelling and joint stiffness, and help you move with greater ease.

These are examples of our holistic approach to managing osteoarthritis pain in Bellevue:

  • Reaching and maintaining a healthy weight
  • Improving your diet
  • Exercise and physical activity
  • Massage therapy
  • Mind-body therapies
  • Herbal remedies to fight inflammation
  • Electrical energy
  • Physical therapy
  • Water exercise
  • Lifestyle changes

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