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Bellevue EMS

Vibrant Health is a Bellevue EMS specialist!

If you suffer from chronic pain, the Bellevue EMS specialists at Vibrant Health in Bellevue, WA, can help restore your mobility, function, and balance while reducing pain. Chronic pain treatment typically requires some sort of painkiller. The use of such medications can cause adverse effects, including nausea, physical dependence, and depression.

Our Bellevue EMS services can help improve your range of motion, promote healing, and relieve pain by increasing blood flow and reducing swelling. Most of our patients report that our Bellevue EMS services help them get relief from chronic pain in their joints and muscles. We follow a holistic approach to pain management through the use of Bellevue EMS.

Our services include:

  • EMS for back pain
  • EMS for hip pain
  • EMS for joint/arthritic pain
  • EMS for shoulder pain

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Bellevue Muscle Stimulator

Muscle stimulator treatment by Vibrant Health in Bellevue, WA 98004,

Bellevue Muscle Stimulator is an effective tool to help you find pain relief. When electric stimulation is applied to tissue, it generates physiological, thermal, and chemical responses. The current additionally affects pain impulses. At Vibrant Health, our Bellevue Muscle Stimulator staff is committed to helping our patients with their healing process.

We are focused on addressing the root cause of the pain, instead of covering up the symptoms. Our Bellevue Muscle Stimulator works by creating unique sensations when the electrical signals are applied to a certain muscle group. If you try our EMS, you will want to recommend it to anyone you know who may need it!

Our Bellevue Muscle Stimulator services also include:

  • Joint pain muscle stimulator
  • Back pain muscle stimulator
  • Neuropathic pain muscle stimulator
  • Shoulder pain muscle stimulator
  • Osteoarthritis pain muscle stimulator
  • Knee pain muscle stimulator

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Bellevue Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Professional electrical muscle stimulation in Bellevue, WA 98004 by Vibrant Health!

Our Bellevue Electrical Muscle Stimulation services help treat musculoskeletal injuries and ailments. The applications of the electric stimulator go beyond that of pain management. Our Bellevue Electrical Muscle Stimulation services also benefit patients by repairing damaged muscle tissue and improving tendonitis and arthritis.

Our Bellevue Electrical Muscle Stimulation services also help improve weak and de-conditioned muscles. Additional benefits include reduced stress, improved circulation, and reduced discomfort. The different types of pain that we regularly treat with our Bellevue Electrical Muscle Stimulation services are always available.

Come to us for:

  • EMS for ankle pain
  • EMS muscle tone restoration
  • EMS reducing muscle spasms
  • EMS rehabilitation
  • EMS muscle spasm & atrophy

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