Pain Management - Seattle

Pain Management Services for Seattle Area Patients

Living & Wellness Centers, PS is a premier provider of pain management treatments for Seattle, WA area clients that are seeking acute or chronic pain relief. Our certified pain management doctor will provide individualized treatment plans that can be performed at our advanced pain management clinics.

Our advanced pain management clinic is a fully equipped facility that can handle any procedure prescribed by our advanced pain management doctor for patients in the Seattle area.

A Seattle area patient can call our clinic to set an appointment or to inquire about our pain relief services.Our pain management doctor works with flexible schedules and can meet you in our advanced pain management clinic during weekends, early mornings, and even evenings.

Whether you are suffering acute pain from a work-related injury or automobile accident - or chronic pain from a medical or illness-related issue, Seattle residents are in good hands at our pain management clinic. We offer noninvasive procedures, depending on the condition of the patient:

  • Medication
  • Manual therapy
  • Physical therapy

Chronic Pain Doctor Serving Seattle Residents with Severe Pain

The combination of the experience and expertise of our chronic pain doctor and the caliber of the facilities of our advanced pain management clinic can get any Seattle area patient on the path to pain relief.

Our chronic pain doctor will take great care in correctly diagnosing your condition, and our advanced pain management clinic has the equipment to accurately test the diagnosis.

Our advanced pain management doctors will take conservative steps to treat the severe and chronic pain experienced by our Seattle area patients. Nonsurgical treatments performed in our pain management clinic will be done before we recommend using more invasive treatment plans. Our advanced pain management doctor follows this protocol:

  • Reduce pain through pain relief treatments
  • Improve range of motion
  • Improve function
  • Improve strength

Pain Relief for Seattle Residents

Pain relief is one of our primary goals as well as understanding the source of the acute or chronic pain you are experiencing.

Living & Wellness Centers, PS boasts a highly experienced staff and a certified pain management doctor so your visit to our advanced pain management clinic will always be a productive one towards your goal of pain reduction.

Our clinic can easily handle all forms of pain relief procedures for severe or chronic pain. If need be, Seattle patients may require more severe forms of pain management procedures, including:

  • Surgery
  • Vertebroplasty
  • Sympathetic nerve block