Pain Management - Renton

Pain Management Services for Renton Area Patients

Living & Wellness Centers, PS boasts a fully equipped advanced pain management clinic that handle patients from the Renton, WA area. Our certified pain management doctor will treat each condition individually and create a personalized treatment plan for acute or chronic pain relief.

The first step for the Renton patient seeking pain relief is we will gather your medical history to understand your condition before recommending any further tests in our advanced pain management clinic.

Our advanced pain management clinic can handle most, if not all, the tests our Renton area patients require. Our pain management doctor is experienced and treatments and therapies. Our advanced pain management doctor can recommend the following options for acute or chronic pain relief to our Renton area patients:

  • Medications
  • Physical therapy
  • Nerve blocks
  • Neurotomy

Chronic Pain Doctor Serving Renton Residents with Severe Pain

Renton area patients can be assured that our pain management services will provide a pleasant, professional experience with all the pain relief treatments and procedures. The collective aim of our clinic is to reduce the pain levels of our Renton area patients.

The pain relief treatments are administered by our chronic pain doctor with the aid of our highly skilled staff at our pain management clinic.Our advanced pain management doctor can handle the following procedures in seeking pain relief for acute (trauma-induced) and chronic pain (on-going):

  • Facet block
  • Selective nerve root block
  • Vertebrosplasty

Pain Relief for Renton Residents

Living & Wellness Centers, PS wants to provide the best in restorative care and pain relief for all Renton area patients. You can set an appointment with our doctor, or schedule procedures in our advanced pain management clinic at unconventional times and dates. Renton area patients can call our pain management clinic for additional information regarding our acute and chronic pain relief procedures.

Chronic pain can be so debilitating that it harbors the possibility of other conditions developing for the patient. Our Renton area pain management doctor understands this collateral damage and will attempt to address our Renton area clients’ concerns with other treatments and procedures.

In addition to the chronic pain relief treatments our advanced pain management clinic is able to provide these other services:

  • Drug testing and drug addiction treatment
  • Massage therapy
  • Noninvasive nerve studies