Shoulder Pain Lynnwood

Lynnwood Shoulder Pain


Vibrant Health can assist you with effective diagnosis and treatments for shoulder pain in Lynnwood, WA. Shoulder pain may arise from the shoulder joint or many surrounding muscles, ligaments or tendons. However, the Lynnwood shoulder pain that comes from the joint usually worsens with your arm or shoulder activities or movement.

At the earliest, treating the Lynnwood shoulder pain is crucial for preventing more severe mobility issues that could further have various negative implications on your daily life. We can help you come up with a holistic treatment plan for dealing with shoulder pain. You can count on us to alleviate your Lynnwood shoulder pain promptly through best-in-class treatment routines.

We can cater to many inquiries associated with shoulder pain, including:

  • Bursitis shoulder
  • Shoulder impingement
  • Rotator cuff injury
  • Shoulder blade pain

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Lynnwood Neck Pain


Lynnwood neck pain is a common complaint arising from strained neck muscles and poor postures, such as leaning over your computer or hunching over your workbench. In addition to suggesting immediate remedies for the Lynnwood neck pain, we also help develop changes in your daily lifestyle to prevent its re-emergence.

There are several ways to diagnose the causes behind severe Lynnwood neck pain, including x-rays, CT scans and MRIs. Suppose you have been dealing with the Lynnwood neck pain for a while. In that case, we recommend going through all the necessary tests as it might hint towards other severe conditions requiring specialized attention.

We can assist you with various treatments for neck pain, such as:

  • Neck pain medications
  • Physical therapy
  • Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation
  • Short-term immobilization

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Lynnwood Hip Pain


With age and use, the hip joint wears down, often leading to Lynnwood hip pain. There are many causes of hip pain, and it usually subsides in just a few days. However, if your Lynnwood hip pain has lasted more than a few days, then it would be best to contact a doctor right away.

Our healthcare experts can help you create a customized pain management plan for effectively dealing with Lynnwood hip pain. We will thoroughly evaluate your symptoms and determine the root cause before suggesting any remedies for the condition. You can rely on our pain management specialists to successfully help you manage the Lynnwood hip pain.

We can help you with many remedies for hip pain, including:

  • Massage and physical therapy
  • Diet changes
  • Water therapy
  • Mind-body therapies

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