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Post Surgical Management


Post surgical management is as important as the pre-surgical management if not more. Once you have undergone surgery, you will still need pain management and usually within 6 weeks you will be referred to physical therapy so you can begin your rehabilitation program which will vary depending on the type of surgery that you had. For example, aquatic therapy to help with aerobic condition and back and leg muscles can be instituted and then progressed to exercising on the ground to improve the core muscles of the spine and abdomen. Range-of-motion exercises are extremely important as are back stabilization exercises to work the cross over muscles of the low back. When appropriate the patient will be advances to strengthening exercises adding isometric, resistive and isotonic exercises to improve the strength and function for the effected area.

Post operative pain management with narcotics and anti-inflammatories is also an important adjunct to the post operative pain management. As is always the case, the end goal is to reduce the need for narcotics, improve motion in the affected area, as well as improve strength and function.

The ultimate goal with chronic pain or post operative patients is to reduce their dependence on pain medication while improving their function and quality of life.

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