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Osteopathic Manual Treatment


Patients who sustain injuries to their spine or extremities may be a candidate for Osteopathic Manual Treatment (OMT).  Trauma to the spine or extremities produce spasm to the surrounding muscles and can reduce the effective joint range of motion.  OMT’s purpose is to improve joint motion.  There are several different OMT techniques which include High Velocity Low Amplitude (HVLA) which involves the classic articulative pop when the HVLA thrust is applied. 


Use of a Precision Spinal Adjusting device involves application of a direct force with an instrument over the affected vertebrae or joint.


Counter Strain involves a passive positional technique that shuts of the pain receptors (proprioceptors). 


Muscle Energy (ME) involves positioning the patients restricted vertebrae/joint in it restriction and then having the patient apply a force where the physician applies a counter force.  This helps stretch the restricted joint capsule thus improving motion.


Fascial Release involves the movement of soft tissue in and against the direction of the tissue to improve circulation and reduce congestion/swelling of the surrounding areas.




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