Narcotics and Drug Addiction - Auburn

Narcotics and Drug Addiction - Help for Auburn Residents

Sadly, many people in and around Auburn, WA are addicted to narcotics and other drugs. The good news is that they have excellent help through the drug addiction treatment methods offered by Living & Wellness Centers, PS.

As one of the premier drug treatment centers in the region, we are well aware of how detrimental drug abuse can be, not just for the person who is addicted to it but also for his/her family and friends.

Our drug addiction treatment offers Auburn residents professional assistance in getting rid of their unhealthy cravings. If you or your loved one has fallen prey to substance abuse, we are the experts who can help you out.

Get in touch with us today for one of the best drug addiction treatment programs available for Auburn residents. We help patients get back to a life that is:

  • Healthy and drug-free
  • Respectable
  • Fulfilling and meaningful

One of the Best Drug Treatment Centers In the Auburn Area

We are one of those drug treatment centers for youth in the Auburn area where patients are not looked down on for taking drugs. Rather, we recognize addiction as the disease it is, and offer patients:

  • Well-planned, safe treatment for drug abuse
  • Proper education and guidance to help them understand their condition
  • Attention to their holistic needs
  • Genuine care and concern

We support our patients all through their drug withdrawal stages. No wonder we are considered one of the best drug treatment centers in the Auburn region.

Drug Addiction Treatment Plans for Auburn Patients

We credit our standing as one of this region’s most respected drug treatment centers to our result-oriented approach to drug addiction treatment of Auburn patients.

Our goal is not just to get our patients over the addiction for today, but help them stay clean in the time to come, and regain much-needed social respect & trust. To make this possible, we see to it that our drug addiction treatment for Auburn residents is: 

  • Customized as per each patient’s specific condition
  • Planned after his/her thorough physical and psychological evaluation
  • Administered carefully and safely

Our doctor is certified for using Suboxone® and Subutex® for drug addiction treatment of Auburn patients. The medication is combined with expert counseling to help patients gain sobriety.

Looking for drug treatment centers in the Auburn area? Ready for taking the crucial first step towards recovery from narcotics or drug abuse? Contact Living & Wellness Centers, PS. Call (425) 276-6640 to schedule an appointment.